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CS-01 . About Customer.

Customer is the central to all the businesses. Customer service professionals need to have better understanding about the customer .Relevant to those seeking career in sales/customer service field.

CS-02 ,Customer related terms

Information & on various related terms to like customer expectations ,needs and retention is provided. Useful  those seeking career  in sales/customer service field.

CS-03 .Concept of customer service

Introducing concept of customer service .Aim being to provide competetive edge to job seeker as Customer representative

CS-04 More about customer service 

Information on types of customer service and customer wants is provided.

CS-05.Required skills for CSR 

Guidance is provided for various skills required for good customer service. Knowledge will provide competitive edge to jobseekers in this field.

CS-06,Building customer relationship

The podcast discusses ways to create better customer relationships.